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Treat yourself at Vigour&Verve and Publicity.

No matter what our differences are, one thing we all have in common is our love for food and deciding what to eat and where can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. To make it easier I’ll paint you a picture of a perfect evening for you to use as a guideline when deciding.

Start your night out with a trip to your favourite entertainment venue, Silverstar Casino. Once you’ve arrived make your way to the luxurious Vigour & Verve Restaurant and order yourself a scrumptious starter like the Tomato Chakalaka Soup with a Cheese Toasty.


When your taste buds have been warmed up it’s time for the main course. With such a huge variety of extraordinary meals available at Vigour & Verve, it won’t be odd if you find yourself taking some time to decide. A great choice for dinner is always a good lamb burger or  something Italian like a vegetarian pizza. When your savoured every last bite why not have a walk through Silverstar and take in all the beautiful scenery and when you find yourself in the outside area don’t forget to take a photo at the fountains with all the colourful lights.


A night like that needs to end with something sweet to eat. Head over to Publicity to end your night with an Astro & Obelix milkshake that will send your taste buds to the moon. If you’re not that much of a sweet tooth then grab your mates and go sample the range of Red Rock’s craft beer also at Publicity. Red Rock is a Rock & Roll inspired brewing company so just as rock never dies, you know Red Rock will be here for years to come. If you’re lucky enough to be there on a Thursday then you might even stand a chance at winning Quiz Night.


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