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Getting to know The MuffinMan

The MuffinMan is a visionary, mastermind, well-known barber and Dj but he established the name through producing and recording YoungstaCPT. First skill being a barber, that hasn’t stopped him from focusing on his passion for music. His love for music lies within his Hip-Hop capabilities and he values community uplift in every aspect of his life.

Since high school, his ultimate dream was to own a studio where he can produce and record artists here in Cape Town. It took a big amount of determination to stay focused as The MuffinMan says, “my surroundings could pull you down in an instant.”

After finishing a 3-month music production course he realized that this is happening. His dream is becoming a reality. With little to none support, he had to walk the journey alone. Most of his life he had to deal with negativity and people who never believed in him, and that only motivated him even more. Working hard to save towards equipment he began recording in his garage. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you work hard enough you can reach any goal.


What brings a certain uniqueness to The MuffinMan’s music is the way it tells a story. Listening to his music you can understand all the bad times as well as the good times that come with living in the Cape. He feels that with his music he can open up any one’s mind. It, however, is quite difficult to classify his art under one banner cause of all the versatile sounds, tempos and of course artists who want to work with him.

The MuffinMan is currently focusing on building his Dj brand at the moment but he says when he’s back to recording and producing South Africa will know immediately. We also asked him what’s his plan for the rest of 2017.

Production wise I just want to know I can sit down and work on the fresh material so I’ve slowly been moving away from Mobile cutz and putting more into the music, hopefully, I can start up a studio and provide a comfortable space for artists to record again and stick to my ultimate goal. There’s a few out of town trips for gigs so if I can find the time to sit down and bring out more solid material.


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