Reggae Vibes- Christopher Martin)

“Got a big bright smile but my days are dark, hungry till I can barely walk ohhhh don’t watch the on my face….

Singing along to this song that summarizes the current situation going on in Zimbabwe, every fan who attended the Chris Martin show in Zimbabwe back in 2016 jammed along electrifying at the Glamis Arena that was filled to capacity showing the Jamaica star some major love.


Jamaican Reggae/dance hall singer and song writer Christopher Oteng Martin has become a staple in Jamaica and he’s spreading fast around the world. His music is addictive, poetic, Oozes sex appeal and some of his songs are prayerful ones too. Listening to his music it draws you in, hypnotically as you are in the moment feeling every lyric, it fills that void within. The thirst for more of his music consumes you as one can not get enough. The more you are exposed to it the more you want. When I feel sad and I inject myself with a dose of his music I instantly feel better so as to legions of his fans across the world.

Each one of his songs contains a message, be that you are angry, happy or just in a great mood there is one that suits everyone. As music is food for the soul his type is globally enjoyed.

For the people who are traveling to Jamaica this coming weekend, the 22nd be sure to attend his concert at the Reggae sum fest 2017 at Montego Bay. The air will be filled with One love….



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