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An astounding talent- Anriette

Some people are born with a certain talent and some learn it as they get older. When it comes to Anriette, she was born with the gift to perform and make music.

This one of a kind singer songwriter grew up near Kruger Park in the Lowveld. As a kid, Anriette would take a drive through the park on those relaxing Sundays and as she took in the scenery she would write and come up with songs out of the blue. Melodies were always running through her head as a little girl and as she got older she started to realize that it was her inner song writer wanting to break free. Anriette believes till today that a song shouldn’t just be written and sung but it should tell a story.


Anriette’s passion and love for song writing grew even more when a friend of hers and his band performed her song at one of their shows. Anriette says seeing how the crowd responded was one of the best feelings, it inspired her to want to write more songs that people could relate to.

Having no real music experience Anriette had to gain knowledge some how. She resorted to books and YouTube to help her talent grow. She would always get the melody first then add chords to them rarely the other way around.  Anriette was encouraged to make a demo cd and soon after she uploaded it on the internet. After about three months she was approached by a record label in the states. This led to Anriette’s first gig, the opening act for the well-known group ‘Romanz’.


One of Anriette’s biggest achievement this far was being offered a record deal from an indie label in the states. She says that the best part of this journey was meeting the incredible and talented people along the way. Anriette is at this stage part of Mad entertainment and is currently working on a new single that is very close to her heart. She feels this might be her most honest and well-structured song to date.
When Anriette isn’t working with her sister perfecting their healthy chocolate brand, she’s busy writing and finishing her anticipated single. We also encourage everyone to follow her on social media to see what this young star is up to and go give her talent a listen on iTunes.



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