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‘Jannas Fees’ on the 14th of October

We’re counting down the days until it’s finally time for the long anticipated fest in the west. Jannas Fees, the ideal place where business meets pleasure.

What makes this such a great idea is the opportunity it provides to the local business owners as well as the public. This is a great example of a win win type of scenario. With numerous of local businesses displaying their services and products, it gives us the consumer the ideal environment to see what’s what.  ‘Jannas Fees’ will create a social network where ideas are exchanged. South Africa Brewery, SAB will also have a display as well as an auction will be held on the day of the event.


But that’s only the business side. Now for the entertainment part of the festival. ‘Jannas Fees’ has artists lined up that will have you travel from far just to see the huge variety of singers and song writers perform. With names like Vasti, Jan Engelbrecht, Lume, JP Barnard, Hailey Clark, Gert Koevert, and Linda Kilian. This truly marks a big one for 2017.


The main stage at the SAB area will also provide a line up that will be hard to match. This main stage line up includes world renown singers like Kurt Daren, Andriette, and Karlien Husselman, but that’s just the start! Also, part of the main stage, with excitement EON and  Thys die Bosveldklong will be seen performing.


Having the entertainment to last until sunset what more can one ask for? Alos one shouldn’t forget about all the delicious foods and drinks that will be available throughout the event, including a South African favorite, a good old Beer Garden!

Another one of the sponsors making this event possible is EPR, Armed Reaction & Security. Keeping us safe around the clock.

See you there!


San Pedro Spur


1469009287_EPR Security



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