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Raymond ‘Mr Radio’, the young star instilling inspiration to youngsters

He doesn’t confuse the sky with the limit, he obviously aims above it. Born in Seaphole village outside Tzaneen, in Limpopo, the 22 years old media student, radio personality, translator, voice-over artist and motivational speaker Raymond Selowa is a true reflection of what it means to aim for the moon.

Raymond always aspired to be like the late Joe Mabotja, who was a radio personality while he was still young. His love for radio has always been alive, even when he was still in primary school. But no one took it seriously. He says he would watch his fellows playing soccer and commentate rather than joining them.


He began his hunt to join radio when he was still in secondary school, using Google through his friend’s phone. The time to realize his dream came when he heard, through radio, that there were auditions in search for radio presenters’ talent at SABC Auckland Park in Johannesburg. He couldn’t let go of such an opportunity, but circumstances were not in his favor. “My mother didn’t have the money, I went to ask the ward councilor for donation and he only gave me the money to travel from home to Johannesburg, I didn’t have the money to return but I was not stopped by that,” Raymond explained. His effort and persistence paid off as his trip to Johannesburg and his voice won him the Gifted stars awards.

After his matric, Raymond decided to take a gap year during which he found himself in limbo busy incurring inestimable rejections from local radio stations. ‘I have been rejected by many community radios, I was denied a chance by a couple of radio stations at Mopane district.

Raymond was then called to co-host a show on Thobela FM. The doors of opportunities kept opening for him, a few months later he was then moved from the first show to another one called ‘The party time show’ which he still co-host with Kwenisto Makgakga whom he says he looks up to and gets his inspiration from. He got the opportunity to work to co-host the Energy F.M and worked as a voice over artist at the University of Limpopo Turf F.M in 2016 the same year he got nominated by F.A.M.E S.A awards as the best entertainment reporter and the award was his.


Morayza is not only an entertainer, he is also fascinated with motivating and inspiring the youth, he spends his spare time visiting local schools to motivate the students and he also uses his influence to inspire others through social media. He says he didn’t go into radio for fame but to positively impact the lives of others. ‘I was born to bring about change, to rock the airwaves, making differences in people’s lives. I can’t spent a day without motivating someone. “My aim is not to be famous, but to help people become the best versions of themselves” said Morayza.

Raymond Selowa is on radio every Friday at 21:40 on Thobela FM. His energy and enthusiasm along with the character and the energy of his reporting are the combinations that makes the show even more intriguing.


Photo Credit: Thabo Raphotle



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  1. Am motivated Homie. Climb the ladder of success, we are behind.


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