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The Nerd Review- Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Welcome to this week’s edition of the NERD REVIEW, which (as always) will be reviewing some new, available and up and coming games. Everything from MMO’s to STRATEGY games and more…
In this review we take a look at a release destines for August 8th 2017 called…
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice– by the British developer, Ninja Theory.

Okay. This game freaked me out a bit because of one very specific thing that the whole game is actually tied around, and that’s the weirdness of the story line.

What do I mean?

Well, you play as Senua, a schizophrenic young woman, who travels around in this world that literally exists inside her own mind. From voices that guide her through her quest to the hellish environment that she’s apparently created inside her own mind, the completely “lightless” and “dark” level and odd creatures you battle, makes it a pretty unique game.
According to a clip on YouTube by the developer, the actual reasoning behind the characteristics of Senua, is more to raise awareness and give “people” (I say that with sarcasm as only gamer’s will ever see this) an idea of what sufferers of the condition go through on a daily basis, only this is in game form.

But once one gets over the odd nature of Senua, you actually in for a pretty interesting AAA/Indie/, hack and slash style game. Hellblade’s an action-adventure game starring Senua, a warrior who Ninja Theory says is “left traumatized by a Viking invasion” and descends into psychosis, her mental illness manifesting as a grand quest with fighty bits. My hands-on demo starts with Senua hunched over on the floor, talking to what looks like a head in a hessian sack. But she’s not just talking to herself, she’s struggling with the demons in her mind that present themselves as voices in her ear.

She becomes overcome by the voices and believing that she’s being possessed by a dark spirit that withers her arm to a black shadow of its former self. There’s one particular voice, though, an older male voice, that’s very manipulative of Senua’s emotions, while a younger female voice is the cautionary one. It’s the male voice that spawns the Dark Souls 3 type demons, though, which Senua must face. Senua is looking for her mother — or at least her mother’s ghost. This is what keeps her pushing onwards in Hellblade. She looks for signs that show where she’s meant to go, including reading the runes and using her senses to find hidden messages.

The combat, rather strangely, sees you face enemies one by one. To defeat them you must dodge their sword attacks using blocks and dodges, striking them in the side when the small window opens. Its aim is to deliver brutal, uncompromising combat. But in this game, the one-on-one format feels awkward and labored. Hopefully this isn’t the final combat system and that Ninja Theory will hone this melee fighting.

The game has really good graphics, decent battle scenes (once you get used to it) and some epic looking monsters. The only two things that I do thrown apon in the game in my opinion is the following…

1- DIGITAL COPY ONLY! – That’s right. NO physical copy, which is okay as this would bring in the most revenue for the developers.
2- SHORT! – This game can easily be completed in a day or 2 if you really tried and as such, would be a bit of a space waster.
All and all, it’s an OKAY-ish game and is different from many other games that I’ve seen in the same category.

Would I suggest you play it?

YES and NO…. That would depend on you. Me personally, I’d rather spend the time playing SIMS. (but that’s just me)

Game Score 5/10(and that’s being generous)

Happy gaming and watch out for the next review.

Mouse is out!!**

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