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LaSizwe: The Vlogger Swerving, Serving and Slaying with Sass

Personifying fabulousness and leading the Swerve, Serve and Slay nation, Thulasizwe Dambuza is taking over social media one vlog at a time. Known on social media platforms as LaSizwe, the vlogger has become increasingly popular for posting a series of hilarious videos featuring a flurry of wigs and personas making comment on topics relating to pop culture, societal issues, relationships and more.

Born in Pimville, Soweto, Lasizwe is steadily creating a shimmering career and empire that is definitely going to take the South African entertainment industry to new and exciting heights. His eccentric and outspoken personas coupled with his daring and provocative video skits and social media posts that speak to relatable issues and situations have already earned the vlogger a number of fans and haters. But where other break-out entertainers would have broken under the criticisms and mudslinging of their haters, LaSizwe continues to “ek sal doom” the negativity and continue his ascent to stardom with more sass than anyone could ever master.


Swerving the haters and serving his supporters more slayage, laughs and fierceness than they can handle, LaSiwe has definitely become a household name that mainstream entertainment houses are taking notice of. In addition to his vlogs, LaSizwe has been a guest at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2016, featured on Vuzu Amp, MTV base’s Newsish and earlier this year joined the MTV’sYou Got Got Outlawz team. There is no denying that the inimitable and theatrical talents that LaSizwe possess are taking him all the way to the top. While his parodies and vlogs will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, the internet personality has also been using social media platforms to raise awareness of the struggles of being a gay teen. His videos Being Gay – A blessing and a curse and Being Gay Teen in South Africa – LaSizwe Dambuza’s Story illustrate his own struggles and experiences of rejection for being gay. The videos offer important messages about freedom, acceptance and the importance of just being true to oneself.

At 19 years of age, Thulasizwe is definitely living up to his name as Babes Wamaleyvels and stays serving us ‘leyvels on another leyvel’. Serving South Africa’s entertainment and pop culture industry with an abundance of talent and swag, LaSizwe is fast becoming a media mogul, trendsetter and most definitely an iconic voice for the LGBTIQ community. While living his freedom and truth with a fierceness, sauciness and beauty that is refreshing and inspiring, it is quite evident that the reign of Babes Wemaleyvels has only just begun and we lucky for us we have a front row seat to see the rise of an icon.

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