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kaz boarder‘Anything is possible with patience and working smart you can achieve anything’

Surprising the music industry with exclusive content while staying true to yourself and your vibe, not just as a musician but a producer, is an important factor most people tend to lose. Keeping true to yourself through the crazy journey the industry can take you on is the tune Dj Kaznova jams to. Kaznova also known as Kasmario is one of our talented Free State Dj’s that since his early days at Soul Candy in 2010, when he decided it was time to not just be an entertainer but fully skilled Dj, is a great example of being patient with yourself and your craft. He’s been known for his popular tracks such as ‘Just be yourself’ with Justine Chalice (2015) and ‘Perfect Girl’ featuring Charlene Lai, which was a hit in 2014. His unique stage name Kaznova originally given to him by his friends because of his exciting charm and charisma with the young ladies, must have really influenced his skills in finessing the music, hey there Mr Casanova!’. As a ‘Beat Maker’, producer or just as a musician you have to constantly find your muse in a various amount of channels, for some its art, the hood, your friends or even your favourite recreational substance. For Kaz he’s creativity is inspired by different genres of music including gospel and alternative indie, he has faith in ‘Good energy and Good people’ which he believes keeps the music alive because it’s coming from a genuine place.


As a person who is extremely interested in what motivates the mind to not just function but create, I asked Kaznova what are the storylines or concepts behind his productions and what’s the message he wants to project to his community in the Free State and his surroundings.

‘I’d like to think my music inspires people to be who they are and not conform, being in the music industry I’ve realised that anything is possible with patience and working smart you can achieve anything’

Now for the trend followers and radio listeners out there you will know by now that kaznova is working with the very talented Morena the Squire on an energy filled track titled ‘Makhe’ which is booming through radio stations across the country. Kaznova is defiantly planning on keeping his fans on their feet and moving with brand new content that he is releasing later this year and early next year, also introducing some new voices in the mix.


You can find more on Kaznova and His future collaborations on his website, where you’ll find all his social media links and pages.

‘Keep quiet and do you’

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