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A talented music producer working within the music industry, promoting the growth and development of young creative Zimbabweans within the country and abroad as well as international artist from all over.

Born Simukai Mandizvidza a young man who’s heart beat is the music he creates and produces. The passion he possesses lights up brightly from the moment you begin speaking to him. Simukai better known as Abra Simzz of ABRA Tribe a company from Zimbabwe which is registered in the United Kingdom is going above and beyond producing wonders.

When we speak about flag raisers this is what we are talking about with Abra Simzz. He is fast becoming a giant in the musical production circle.
Abra Simzz Simukai has a dream to build tomorrow’s future today by working with young people no matter their background and beliefs. He has a goal to teach youth to rise up and to live well which is his actual name, Simukai Garikai.

Pulling in mega artists and having worked with Red Rat, Major Lazier, Alanine and producing tracks for international names like Rizbees, Vybz Kartel, he has established a name for himself in this Dog eat dog musical game and has set the bar way up high and paving the way for other Zimbabwean producers to do likewise. Red Rat is a Jamaican star who’s song ( Rise up Zimbabwe ) was produced by Abra Sims’s cousin Tawanda Sibotwihwe better known as Jusa Dementor for Abra Tribe also working with Winky D, Stunner, Freeman, Ngoni Kambarami and legions more. He keeps pushing the envelope, never settling for the now, he works extremely hard and it has seen him being awarded an outstanding promoter and marketing award at the 2016 Zimdancehall Awards.

Now in the upcoming weeks, he has done it again, bringing in the king of the dance hall, Bennie Man down to Africa in collaboration with 2 Kings Entertainment and Star FM.
Bennie Man is set to perform in Harare Zimbabwe on the 26th of August @ the Alex Sports Club on the Unstoppable Tour. The lineup is very lucrative, Jah Prayzah, Wink D, Soilder love, Cindy, Queen Vee and many more. Also Dj,’s on rotation, Rob Mason, Rax,Raydizz, Selecta Base. Tickets are available at Westgate, Eastgate, Newlands and Avon dale. Tickets are going for $5 US, $10 US and $15 US , Vip tickets $ 20 US and $ 25 US.


Be sure not to miss the show that everyone is talking about! Be seen, be heard, be there.

To be able to execute such a career it takes a phenomenal, dedicated and patient being, over talented. Abra Simzz has placed the flag of Zimbabwe on the international stage for all to bare witness. Years of planting ,watering and pruning has produced results that are outstanding. Right from the core for the love of music !!!! Abra Simzz.

Photo Credit: Abra Simzz Instagram & African Storm


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