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MAD Entertainment, leaders in the industry.

We all know how hard it can be to rise up in the music industry when you’re just starting out. Thanks to MAD Entertainment all artists now have a chance to start their career on the right track. MAD is a production house dedicated to delivering the best services in building young singers, promoting the big artist and doing festivals across South Africa. MAD helps new artists to grow in the industry and also bring the well-known artists right to the fans with their well-organized event planning.

The goal behind MAD is to provide a platform for all performers to be seen by the whole of South Africa. They take young talent and don’t just turn them into artists, but into forever lasting brands.

DSC_6489 edit

There are numerous great and aspiring artists working with MAD. Part of their roster includes names like Blackbyrd, Gert Koevert, Linda Kilian, Jp Barnard, Anriette Loren, Vasti, Priscilla Smith, Jan Engelbrecht, EON and Lume, who all have quite a decent reputation as you would know by now. However, one article won’t be enough to showcase all of their talent, so we recommend one should visit and get to know the whole MAD family.

MAD is growing and expanding each day that goes by. Right now they’re involved with Rappies Fees, Aarbeifees, Jannas Fees, Oppiplaas Fees Carletonville, Randfontein Show 2018, Aardklop 2017, Die Opskop fees 2017 and Varkfees 2017Β  just to name a few. If you’re around one of the locations swing by and see what life MAD brings to an event.


If by any chance you’re more than just a fan and have artist potential, the great thing is MAD Entertainment is right here. Contact them on and they’ll schedule a meeting and see how they can help you.



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