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Beenie Man – Unstoppable Tour

Brace yourselves for a star hits the South African shores bringing us that Jamaican bashment spiced up beat music that we all crave for. Our thirsts will surely be quenched for us in South Africa have an opportunity to watch him Live in action as he blazes the stage on fire.

Referred to as the world’s king of the dance hall, Bennie Man is a Grammy award winning Jamaican reggae dance hall recording artist. His music is global entertaining and sets you on a musical high that is mind blowing!


Mr. Davis is set to entertain fans on the 1st of September 2017 in Johannesburg at the New Music Factor ( Bassline ) and on the 2nd in the mother city Cape Town at the Cape of good hope.

Paddy Watts, the Johannesburg promoter representing Shisaka confirmed the other amazing artists who will also be in support of the king of the dance hall. The likes of African Storm ( Admiral and Jah seed), Buffalo Souljah, Celsius, Jeremiah fire isis, Botanist, Elcee gweja, Badda badda ,Fyah links sound, Mad koolio, Jahnoz and much more. He stated it will be one for the books, a major show not to be missed.

Bennie man is set to visit the Mandela house where he was invited to. “It is like being part of one of the most powerful legacies in history. It will be one of the greatest days of my life ” the king of the dance hall said in his conversation with Abra Smizz.

He is as excited to be in the country as his fans are to see him. Be sure to be part of the show, go in your numbers and experience a memorable time. Be there, be seen and enjoy the time of your life!




1 comment on “Beenie Man – Unstoppable Tour

  1. Veneka Banga

    Can’t wait to quench my thirst.

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