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The Nerd Review – Call Of Duty WW2

Welcome all to the latest NERD REVIEW post, which is pretty much as always, a review of new, available and up and coming games. Everything from MMO’s to STRATEGY games and more…
This weeks review will be about another GREATLY anticipated “follow-up” game named
CALL OF DUTY- World War 2” by Activision™ 2017

For a brief moment, Call of Duty was the biggest video game franchise on the planet. Raking in more money than most blockbuster movies, series high points like Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 were the talk of pubs and playgrounds everywhere.
Recently, the seminal shooter’s popularity has started to wane. In a bid to keep up with other modern shooters, Activision slowly took the franchise further and further away from the elegant simplicity that made it a hit, throwing in jetpacks, mech suits and even the blatantly Titanfall-inspired wall running. The result? CoD slowly became a shooter that felt completely unrecognizable and this all culminated in last year’s muddled Infinite Warfare.

Thankfully, this year sees the franchise trimming the fat and returning to its roots. Ditching the future setting for a trip down memory lane, developer Sledgehammer Games is taking players back to where it all began: World War II.
So after getting access to a reviewers version of the game, I tested out the game’s weapons on the handy in-lobby firing range and soon found myself running and gunning through the trenches during the D-Day landings. Dust from explosions engulfed the trenches as I ducked and weaved my way through the map’s tightly packed corridors, lobbing frags and picking off any unsuspecting foes.

Running on pc, the game looks just as good as its trailers suggested. High-quality textures and brilliant smoke and lighting effects bring the gritty reality of war to life, adding a welcome level of attention to detail to WWII’s deceptively small maps.
Yet, while graphical improvements are always appreciated, it was the return to the no-nonsense shooting of old that really won me over. It felt refreshing to once again be playing a Call of Duty game where you only have to worry about what’s going on at your eye-level, with the removal of distractions like flying exoskeletons bringing a satisfying intensity back to the series. Soldiers are no longer parkouring powerhouses, they’re just regular people. Even the act of sprinting too often can cause your character to slow down, panting for breath, and adding an extra layer of tension to skirmishes. Overall, Team Deathmatch on this D-Day map felt refreshingly claustrophobic, with a clever level design that meant there were almost no corners for players to camp. The best use of CoD: WWII’s historical setting?


That came in the brand new War mode. Doing away with the tight-knit maps Team Deathmatch, War sees two forces battling out over far larger territory. With each team either attacking or defending, this new mode plays like a mix of Battlefield 1’s Rush and Overwatch’s Payload maps, asking each team with either defending or attacking four different objectives.
As the match began, I was placed on the defending team, where I was ordered to hold a base from the advancing Allied forces. After being flanked from all sides, our forces were quickly gunned down, losing the base in only a few respawns. Then the map did something that has never happened in CoD before: it opened up.

As we fired off potshots in an attempt to push back the forces, an objective revealed that we had to stop our foes from building a bridge. Ducking and weaving through war-torn houses, half of my team laid down covering fire across the bridge, while we climbed down below it and picked off a few unsuspecting attackers. With the enemy team quickly realizing our strategy, they soon laid down a barrage of smoke grenades. Blinded and confused our team struggled to pick out the target, and we failed the objective.


WWII’s single-player campaign can match the intensity and variety of its multiplayer side, and as such, should go down as one of the series’ best entries yet. War mode is a spectacular new game mode for the franchise, while Team Deathmatch remains a total blast. Fans who tuned out of CoD for last year’s Infinite Warfare have every reason to be excited about this dizzying new shooter.
The game(campaign mode) takes you from the D-DAY drop on Normandy beach all the way through the “Hitler-day-nazi-Infantry” covered maps as a soldier fighting in the old school style WORLD WAR 2 front. As you’d expect, you have your classic weaponry from that era and as said earlier, NO RUNNING VERTICALLY across walls or JETPACKING overhead.

It’s a down and dirty, nitty gritty, as close to war feel that I have seen in a long time. The thing of the world at war release just so much better…
All in all, I loved the way the game was or is taken back to the roots of call of duty and the fresh spin on the game is really refreshing.

Game Score 8/10(awesome!!)
Happy gaming and keep watching for the next review.
Mouse is out!!**

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