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One on one with Dj Merciless

Sounds on power FM radio station fill the air waves, penetrating right through into millions of Zimbabwean homes. On air every Wednesdays and Saturdays a selection of different genres. Is played by the one and only Dj who has become a house hold name in is home country and beyond the borders. He has quite a huge following who are roaring fans here in South-Africa who wait for his shows in great anticipation.

Known as Merciless, born Charlton Nyevera a Dj with soul and he lives up to his name Merciless when it comes to music, he has no mercy and no apologies for the great music he puts out there. When he speaks of his craft he speaks with so much passion, you can clearly see the love for his work being poured out of him.


” Music is my daily bread,
I wake up to its beat
I live for it,for without it
It is like cutting off my air
supply. It is not just a job
It is my life!!!!”

Passion like this is rare to find, it just proves that people like him are truly meant to be what they are and more a real gem. Coming from a show the night before in Midrand at Phonics Lounge Bar 9 where the fans had an awesome time leaving them at his mercy wanting more.

Heart to heart on our sit down Dj Merciless was open about music within the country and beyond its borders, how it received the positives and negatives. Deep in the conversation, we discussed the current directions the music in Zimbabwe is taking. One interesting thing he mentioned is that the understanding of the business side of music is minimal. Only a handful of musicians has been exposed to certain companies like BMK, a consulting boutique who strive to implement and instill empowerment in a young artist to have a sustainable and profitable income through their talents. He said artists need to be educated and be aware of such companies who are willing to help them achieve their goals above and beyond. As a young Dj of his age, his maturity is impeccable. His love for music is phenomenal and growth is inevitable.

Tune in and take a listen as he mercilessly serenades you with his music!!




5 comments on “One on one with Dj Merciless

  1. Flowing presentation of journalism with lessons to up and coming DJs.
    Can’t wait for another article

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  2. Mind blowing,, must read
    We askin for more like Oliver Twist

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  3. Powerful

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  4. He is an inspiration to every young man who follows dance hall music…Salute

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  5. I Salute dis young Dj very talented.

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