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Kay the Heat-maker!

It all started when a friend went to Kay and just randomly said “let’s go rap”, he knew nothing about rapping but he went to do it anyways. It clearly went well and became a success because Ipfani Khorombi is now a 20-year-old producer, rapper, and writer. Also known as Kay 273’ Heat-maker, Ipfani grew up in Soweto and was a student who did well in school so much that he was a prefect student. He got interested in rap music because his peers were into it as well and at that time Ipfani was exposed to all types of rap music.

273 Heat-maker has confused a lot of people but Blue Monkey got it! 273 stands for temperature, Kelvins. “My name is Kay, 273 is a supporting name and heat-maker is my signature.” His style of rap is “local trap” he says it is trap from the township, it is a genre where you take Young Thug and bring him to Soweto then you get the local trap. It is different and that is why he is doing it, different brings a big number of audiences hence he decided to go with the local trap.


Kay emphasizes on the point that he is not a rapper but a musician because using the word musician motivates him to move from making hip pop music and going into other genres. He also likes to say that he’s generous because he writes songs for other artists as well, especially for ladies and he calls himself “writer for the ladies.” What led to him being a producer is the fact that he couldn’t make his own beats and using people’s beats got to him, so he got an app for making beats and taught himself how to make them. Talk about self-taught love. He went as far as studying Media Practice so he could work in a field that he loves and understands. Because he is a video student and understands how everything is done he is on a journey to start his own music video company called Catchy Media, a film by Kay.

Blue monkey played a mini game with Kay and he had to choose between rapping, writing and producing and he chose to produce because he feels he is a better producer than a rapper or writer so all aspiring rappers, Kay has got you!


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