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Johannesburg also known as ‘Jozi’ or ‘ eGolie’ is the hub of talent and authenticity from all sides of South Africa. There is one amongst several of our proud tribes that seems to have some distinct magic in their uniqueness. Our very loved Zulu nation has brought us Mbhaqanga, Mas’kandi and Mbube, which has put South Africa as well as themselves as a nation on the map with their famous brothers Ladysmith Mambazo, who travelled the world spreading their joyous African sound. South Africa is undoubtedly known for our warm grounded harmonies and tasteful vocal arrangements and tones which have inclined and shaped the unique sound of Lunga Duma. Lunga Duma, to some, would be known for he’s ‘Soul Connect’ open mic sessions around Johannesburg and his new ‘Broken Stool’ entertainment company, also opening up the market to new talent and his qwerky noticable hats. Duma is an upcoming Jazz artist that is reinforcing faith, romance and great symphonies with his inspiring music. He grew up in Escourt, though venturing to go study hospitality, music has always been his first  choice. It all started in his high school days when he composed and recorded his first song ‘Ungowami’ that he realized his calling. Stimulated by the love jam greats; Ringo Madlingos, Letti Mbuli and the talented Afrotraction, Duma aims to instil that same message of genuine love through his music.
His appreciation for love pushes him to set an example to young men on how to love their woman physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually without harm, but on the other hand to remind women of the men out there that make the hashtag “men are trash” an outdated trend.

Now for most people who relocate to Johannesburg one of the biggest problems would be their parents, due to the very explicit reputation of the urban jungle being linked to drugs, sex and alcohol. Duma and his team are so driven to change the perception of what really happens in the music industry and wants to prove that it is possible to enter the industry of entertainment and achieve greatness without exploring the dark ‘substance’ world. Though he never studied music he has surrounded himself with great musicians who share the same ambitions to influence and inevitably transform the minds of their communities, by allowing their talents to set an example of keeping your eyes on your dream and letting the passion for music guide you.

I see my music turning people from what destroys them, to what builds them’

You can find Lunga’s new music video for his single ‘Lomgwaqo’ from his album, which is doing incredibly well on all popular radio stations, circulating on all popular music channels such as channel O. The great jazz open mic arranger himself has once again gathered different musicians and artists for a monthly jam session called ‘Art on Sunday’ and he’s inviting young art markers to join him and showcase their talents to the public. For information on Lunga Dumas love journey and musical events check out Lunga Duma on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Beautifully written and informative! Thumbs up to the editor.


  2. This is beautiful, well done Lunga Duma,


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