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Ivy Disco release debut album “After The Future”

A mere 8 months ago two extremely talented guys decided to go a step further than the average artist. The duo started Ivy Disco, an Electronic Dream Groove, an act comprising of Marc Shawn Brown (Vocalist) & Duane De Jager (Producer).

The cosmically inclined individuals began piecing together an electronic project with the dream of unifying diversity in all aspects and defying the norms of electronic music. The South African duo, Ivy Disco, emerged as the dream child of the endeavor. An act that could piece together the vision the two individuals shared.

Right in their home studio was where the South African duo started composing the electronic project. Their first album ‘After the Future’ is a 7 track musical documentation representing their life experiences through music. The album was released 5th July 2017, and ever since they introduced more and more listeners to the creative sound of electronic music.

Download Ivy Disco’s ‘After the Future’ right here.



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