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Celebrating Women

Leriba Lodge was the perfect venue to host a breakfast at the riverside on such a beautiful sunny day. Women’s day 9 August, was the platform to host an event that combined three initiatives hosted by Copperstone.

The first initiative was their flag ship competition which was South Africa’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette, selected for their brains, beauty, entrepreneurship and the spirit of Ubuntu. Its about “Be the Change” and make a difference to those around you. CHOC is the beneficiary for these talented competitors.

Entertaining the crowds in the warm winter sunshine were the finalists of the Talent Search competition which focuses on “Artists with a Purpose”. These artists will support the Talk Initiative and CHOC while on their journey to the final selection.


Their Talk Initiative is a no-bullying campaign – little bullies become big bullies and one of their aims is to highlight a better understanding of bullying. It also deals with creative ways to champion the victim and reduce the power the bully has over them.

With these three initiatives on the go, and the great hospitality provided by Leriba Lodge, the morning was a huge success. Great music accompanied the seriousness of all the activities and we look forward to the selection of the winners in early November.



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