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For the love of Gin

Springtime is almost upon us! With warmer weather and beautifully bright colorful hues taking hold of our country, it is once again the time to frolic in the sun and just have fun. Therefore, it is only befitting that with the coming of spring there are a plethora of festivals displaying and celebrating everything from flowers to music happening almost every weekend.

The different festivals that take place from the beginning of September, offer you the opportunity to get in the mood for summer while engaging in some exciting activities that will take your senses on an invigorating adventure into new, old and unknown territories. So, what better way is there to shake spring up than with a day sampling a wonderful selection of gins, at the FIRST EVER gin festival in Soweto?


Now, it is widely known that gin is not a popular choice of drink for many and changing the minds of non-gin drinkers seems an impossible mission. But, with an impressive range of flavor infusions that include natural botanicals like the traditional juniper berry to citrus and cinnamon, gin lover or not, the chance of you finding a gin that invites your palate to a private party is very likely! Moreover, if the taste of any of the many local and international gins that will be showcased at the festival do not tickle your taste buds, there definitely will be a magnificent gin themed cocktail that will do the trick.


Whether, you love all things gin, hate it, want to try it or are simply looking for a different vibe, Icon Soweto is definitely the place to be in September 30 2017! So leave the under 18s at home, get your tickets now at Ticketpro and prepare to have your taste buds and liver dazzled by amazing gins while being entertained by some feel good music in a relaxed setting. Drink responsibly and see you there!


2 comments on “For the love of Gin

  1. Brian Mahanke

    What a stunning gintastic article, well research and inviting. We will see you there.


  2. charitywadi

    Glad you enjoyed the article, Brian! Definitely, an event not to be missed 🙂


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