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South Africa’s own Hollywood

When it comes to entertainment, world class motion pictures, celebrities, and everything that goes hand in hand with fame it’s almost certain that one way or the other Hollywood has a part to play in it. Luckily for us, South Africa has it’s own piece of Hollywood right here in Gauteng. Rustenburg Road in Krugersdorp is our Hollywood Boulevard.

However, it never resembled Hollywood Boulevard until 1995 when a creative out of the box thinker and fashion designer, by the name of Heidi Couture started Hollywood Costumes. Over the years Hollywood Costumes grew from a small business into a thriving company that branched out with the adding of Dream Bride and Stoom Pomp.

Ever since Hollywood Costumes, Stoom Pomp and Dream Bride opened up it helped the average person to be anything that his or her heart desires to be. Providing costumes and clothing attire to great names in the South African entertainment industry such as Casper de Vries, Nataniël, and Wonderboom it’s clear why Heidi Couture’s empire is titled as South Africa’s Hollywood.

Stoom Pop, across from Hollywood Costumes is inspired by the trending unique steam punk style. Stoom Pomp even has the talented Chris Chameleon to act as its ambassador.

But let’s not forget one of the biggest fields that there is in the entertainment industry, the music scene. As part of everything else, Hollywood Studio is also available to the public and any one who dares to dabble in entertainment. Hollywood Studio has had phenomenal artists like Kurt Darren, Jack Parow, Nicholis Louw, Juanita du Plessis, and Die Heuwels Fantasties shoot their music videos there.

With creativity, there needs to be elegance. That’s where Dream Bride comes into the picture. When you’ve been a pirate or a knight in shining armor, or even a terrifying creature, take a stroll down to Dream Bride boutique that’s right next to Hollywood Costumes and glance at the beauty of what they have. From the most breath taking matric farewell dresses to remarkable wedding dresses, Dream Bride has it all. Even something for the gents. With owner and designer Heidi Couture behind the works the saying “you look too beautiful” has a completely new meaning.

To sum up everything that is part of Hollywood Costumes, Stoom Pomp and Dream Bride will take more than just an article, so treat your imagination and visit the mentioned places and see what’s there to be seen.

Photo CreditEmpire Photography

30 Rustenburg Road / Krugersdorp

011 660 8605 / 011 660 4250

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