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Something from Abroad: South Africa meet Jorja Smith

Do you remember the time when music was a conversation between souls? When the beautifully haunting lyrics of a song could stir up emotions that you never knew existed and tell the truth of everything you ever felt in your whole entire life? When the vocals and cords of a 4-minute song could embrace you in invisible arms that kept away the lonely? If you remember such a time and would like to relive that era of beautiful bone chilling, soul wrenching music, then Jorja Smith is definitely an artist you need to be adding to your playlists immediately!


Hailing from Walsall, West Midlands, Jorja Smith is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, who possesses a soulfulness that spans beyond her years. With a beguiling voice that makes you nostalgic for the brilliance of the equally talented Corrine Bailey Rae but with a talent like no other, Jorja’s smoky vocals draw you in, transporting you to a place where each word has a feeling, each cord has meaning and reality as you know seizes to exist. Her unfiltered lyrics and soulful voice carry you through so many emotions, chances are you won’t know whether to cry or laugh once the journey has ended. But one thing is for sure, you’ll definitely experience the ‘feeling’, to go back to that place that her music takes you to.

With a little over 10 songs to her name, Jorja Smith is raising the musical antennas of music producers and lovers all over the world. While, the chances of seeing this rising star going commercial, are highly unlikely, as an independent she definitely has been causing ripples in the waters of the Soul/R&B genre.


Ladies and gentlemen, the honesty, truth, and depth that is exuded in Ms. Jorja Smith’s lyrical storytelling is nothing short of mind blowing. Her tales of heartache, love, social injustices and self-awareness told through smoldering vocals full of emotion contain an underlining gentleness, vulnerability, and innocence that makes her work an art piece that can only be felt in order to be fully understood. Singles like “So Lonely”, “Carry Me Home” and “Something in the Way” not only showcases Jorja’s evocative and soulful voice but offers beautiful instrumental combinations, that will have you listening to her music on repeat.

If you are looking for an irresistible, soulful and timeless sound, Jorja Smith is definitely an artist that you should consider… And if this article does little to entice your musical curiosity, then perhaps this performance of “So Lonely” below will. Enjoy!

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