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Just Haven, experience tranquility.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine, and one routine we all face is being trapped in the modern rat race. With work and life happening all around us we tend to burn ourselves out. Luckily a place like Just Haven Spa & Café has always been there to help us escape in a way that allows us to reset our minds and bodies.

Just Haven, or as I would call it, Just Heaven is an out of the ordinary day spa and salon located in Magaliesburg, Gauteng. This quiet and soothing place has everything needed to help one break free of their stress and worries. Being more than just a spa, Just Haven has the perfect little café offering delightful treats and drinks to help ease you into your treatment.

What I truly find remarkable was the endless opportunities that Just Haven offers. With a list of different packages, it would be impossible not to find something suited for your needs. Just Haven provides all its guests with a fun filled relaxed day. Even guests who’re not visiting for treatment can still enjoy it as it’s the perfect place to conduct interviews, have business meetings or even take your family to for a quick lunch. You never know, you might end up having the best full body massage of your life.

The staff also brings life to Just Haven, making you feel welcome for the first minute upon arrival. They are extremely well equipped to treat your mind and body with the assorted of treatments as mentioned.

Just Haven is growing and flourishing rapidly, which I very much admire from a local business such as Just Haven. So if you’re ever near Magaliesburg, swing by Just Haven Span & Café and lose yourself in tranquillity. You deserve to be treated like royalty, we all deserve it.


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