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Don’t play yourself, live your life

​On average how long do you think it takes to figure out your real calling or passion?

Or let’s make it personal, how long would you go into something you were not truly interested in, to then figure out what you really want to do?

Well for Benny Riba also known as Benny Afroe it took 2years. This swag killing, talented young man went two years doing law and realised it wasn’t for him and decided to follow his dream of being an artist full time. Benny is a young musician and producer who grew up in Limpopo chasing his passion and he’s not letting anything get in his way. Benny is currently completing his final year in live performance music and is planning his finale showcase at the end of this year. BA believes that the power of art is important not just in his own personal life but as a whole ‘my own life makes better sense as an artist’.
Every time I ask a musician or artist about how their musical journey began their stories seem to resonate somewhere along the line, however, Benny’s response was very different. Benny’s love for music begin when he was a young child who had allergies which made him an ‘outcast’ or very different from the other kids, where he found refuge in his father’s records, cassette tapes and watching performances of renowned artists such as the late Brenda Fassie, 2pac, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and the legendary Bob Marley… surprisingly all dead. He spent most of his days trying to imitating them and their performance styles. It’s easier as an artist to write about a previous past experience or event such as your previous relationship, the day a child was born or even a really sunny warm day during spring, Benny carries emotion through his songs of past emotional moments to bring out empathy from his listeners via topics not usually revealed in music, for both young and old. After watching him perform more than once I personally have noticed the passion Benny has towards his craft and content by stretching himself vocally with his sweet falsetto and passionate honest lyrics, drawing in not just the ladies but pulling all heart strings.

After being on radio and tv shows showcasing his talents he has managed to get the attention of youngsters out there for his courage and focus on not just being a rock-star but for his passion for the arts, reminding him that he chose the right path and that he could possibly be on this earth to inspire young minds. With his media runs in and around South Africa Benny Afroe is busy shooting his music video for his single ‘Am Back’ which will be released very soon alongside his EP called ‘Jupiter’. To catch Benny Afroe on radio or on tv follow him on his social media pages;

Twitter: @bennyafroe

Facebook: benny afroe

Instagram: @bennyafroe

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