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Bantu Speaking, the Bantu voice for the Bantu people.

Two different people, two different sounds, one vision and one beautiful and unusual sound is what Bantu Speaking is made of. Bongani Tshabalala and Siphesihle Mahlobo, known as Sbila and Ntombela respectively are the duo behind the unusual sound of Bantu Speaking.

This heritage month while celebrating culture we might as well add Bantu Speaking to the list of things to be celebrated because they represent Bantu people and the Bantu nation. As black people, there are things we taught never to say or do, but Bantu Speaking decided to go ahead and say these things to show that black people can break away from the shy shell they were brought up in.


Early 2016 Dominant Tongue was born but a few months later it was changed to Bantu Speaking. Sbila and Ntombela met in primary school while doing grade 4, they used to dance together, they went to the same high school, went the singing route and started a group of four that consisted of three guys and one girl, The Desert and finally decided to enter the rap world as a duo when they decided they were mentally ready to write, rap and face the world as rappers.

When asked to describe their styles they said one of them is a Caveman and one is a Kasi guy, hence the different style that no one has heard in a long time. The beautiful thing about bringing a Caveman and a Kasi guy together is that one teaches the other about the other. Sbila says that teaching is a huge part of Bantu Speaking because learning opens up the mind about a lot of things and educating a fellow brother can take South Africans far in life.


Sblla and Ntombela always spoke about doing something together, but couldn’t take a step forward because they were both in different rap crews. As Sbila grew he says he grew mentally and felt he needed someone who would understand the lyrics he had started writing. For him the person was Ntombela and Ntombela realized he could work with Sbila too because they understood each other, although they came from different places and had different sounds.

Bantu Speaking started as a hobby for both artists but with the support, they are getting from their fans they want to go big and build up their fan base to a point where they cannot go out in public because paparazzi and their fans will always be around them if they do. Now if that isn’t ambition, we don’t know what is.


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