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Daughter of Africa, Busi Ncube

Daughter of Africa, deep rooted in arts and culture with a flare of diversity based in Norway launched a new banging album entitled Usiko in the city of kings and queens in Bulawayo last weekend. She brought the house on fire serenading her adoring fans with the sweet sound of her music. Busi Ncube is an inspiration to many people in Zimbabwe and around the world, the older and younger generation. She has stood the test of time and shown that an artist from Zimbabwe can accomplish so much through music. Interviewing a living legend was an honor.


Meg-Anne –    You have just launched a new album entitled Usiko. Tell us what it is all about.
Busi  Ncube –  The album is diverse with a lot of different social issues.
Meg-Anne   –    What is Usiko?
Busi Ncube –    Usiko means traditions, which is the basic social
                           fiber for every society, which is where I grew up
                           from and learned my first song as a young girl.
Meg-Anne   –    You are based in Norway where you have made it your
                           home. How is your music being received compared to
                           to your home country of Zimbabwe?
Busi Ncube –   Yes my music has been equally received …..if not
                          more internationally not only in Norway but in Europe
                          as well.
Meg-Anne   –    How has Busi evolved as an artist over the years?
Busi Ncube –    Busi as an artist is now a diverse musician, as I
                           have shared and interacted with musicians of
                           different cultures all through my career. It opens up
                           your world and I am a global citizen musically, but
                           have not abandoned my origins as unique as every
                            music is as well as diversity.
Meg-Anne –       As a pioneer of your genre and a living legend, how do
                            do you see the music industry in Zimbabwe? Has it
                           changed or improved?
Busi Ncube –     Yes, there is a great change. It seems there is a
                           dancehall craze from the youngsters. Music
                           changes all the time but the basics always remain
                          and it comes to full circle again. And there are a lot
                           of young upcoming artists who are making inroads
                           as female artists which is different and exciting.
Meg-Anne –       What advice would you give the current
                          upcoming musicians in Zimbabwe?
Busi Ncube –   To the up and coming Zimbabwean musicians, I would
                          advise them to keep our Zimbabwean element in
                           whatever genre of music they do because we have
                         unique sounds that can be identified whenever one
                         hears our music.
Meg-Anne –    I simply can not end this interview without asking this
                           particular question, True love, this is a classic hit, a
                          track that has beyond the years stood out if one
                           speaks of Busi Ncube. What was going through your
                         mind when this song was written/sang? What birthed
                         the idea of the song?
Busi  Ncube –  True Love has been a classic of all times …. I think my
                           element of creativity was at its peak the time I
                           composed it . At the back of my mind there was that
                           love I was missing but not particularly composed
                           for an individual. It was a universal theme for
                           young women that were in the same shoes as I was
                            just an interpreter of their feelings.
A wonderful woman embracing her roots and sharing it on the world stage and feeling great to be where she is at this time in her career. Own your selves a copy of this great new album and have Busi Ncube,s Usiko entertain you in the comfort of your homes….

2 comments on “Daughter of Africa, Busi Ncube

  1. Wadzanai Gumbo Ndlovu

    Humbled to have been part of this lifetime event


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