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PowerPuff Girls adds some Black Girl Power to the Team

Remember the cartoon Powerpuff Girls, that aired on Cartoon Network in the ‘90s? Yes, No, Maybe? Well, if you don’t, Powerpuff Girls was a cartoon series that followed Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, a trio of female superheroes as they protected the Townsville people from villains like Mojo Jojo, Him, the Gangreen Gang and Princess Morbucks. Created by Craig McCracken, the animated series about the super powered sisters, who were accidentally created in a lab by Professor Utonium, which aired from 1998 to 2005, has officially been revived.

The series, which has empowered and entertained youngsters throughout the years, will on 17 September 2017, return to Cartoon Network with an all-new team of not three but four members. Having teased audiences with a silhouetted image of the new Powerpuff Girl, Cartoon Network has officially revealed that the newest member of the team will not only be BLACK but will also be voiced by our very own talented singer/songwriter and producer Latoya Buthelezi, popular known as Toya Delazy!


While the announcement of a black Powerpuff Girl to be voiced by Delazy, is both inspiring and exciting, Cartoon Network is definitely playing a perfect game of tempt and tease. The network has so far revealed very little about what the new character’s name is; what her superpowers will be and how exactly she comes to be part of the Powerpuff Girls team. However, with Senior Vice President at Turner Broadcasting in Southern Europe and Africa, Jamie Ondarza teasing that fans are in for a number of surprises, we can only assume that the five-part special will be nothing short of spectacular!

If the teasers and promises made by the broadcaster’s officials are anything to go by, the series is definitely going to be worth watching. More so it definitely will be fun to see how snarky tomboy and self-proclaimed leader of the trio, Blossom will take to a fourth member.


So, go on, unleash your inner child and support our girl Toya Delazy later this month, when the rebooted Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four airs on Cartoon Network!

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