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Steven Kings IT horrifies Box Office

Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ is one blockbuster you have to watch. This is a good watch conventional horror movie that is terrifying and horrifying.

It’ follows the adventures of 7 friends who come together to confront and destroy a shape shifting monster clown that comes after every 27 years to devour the young people of Derry, Maine.

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Most of the action in the movie takes place in a haunted house. Before reaching the climax, ‘It’ witnesses a series of gruesome child murders orchestrated by the cunning and sadistic clown. During this phase, the movie adopts a terrifying, ludicrous and hallucinatory imagery as graphics of young people are ripped apart mercilessly. The series of murders, however, work perfectly in raising the suspense level as the movie moves to its climax.

After Georgie is killed by the killer clown, known as Pennywise, his older brother Bill becomes obsessed with finding him. Georgie’s disappearance bothers Bill so much that he takes it upon himself to find him. Many of Bill’s friends are convinced Bill is never going to find Georgie alive but they somehow keep encouraging. It takes a series of other ‘happenings’ for Bill’s friends to rethink their possession and start helping him. However, when they begin to investigate deeper, one of Bill’s friends Ben discovers that every 27 years in the town of Derry, Maine strange things happen to school going kids, many disappear without a clue and others are found dead.


Ben’s discovery intensifies the mood of the movie. The group of 7 friends which called itself the losers group decide to face their enemy. Their plan is to track the killer clown in its home which happens to be in an underground sewerage network. Spine tingling scenes and appropriate vortices of scared children’s voices and Benjamin Wallfisch’s breezy combination of rock and sparingly piano pieces give ‘It’ a perfect climax.

Though the movie is a perfectly good watch, the end certainly suggests there is a sequel coming in the not so distant future. The movie fails to give the ultimate sense of finality as it comes to an end.

It’ is set in the period from the 1950s to 1980s. The movie covers a 9-month span starting from the time when the first murder occurs (Georgie) to the time when the ‘losers group’ enters the underground sewerage network to destroy the tormenter of Derry, Maine.


The movie touches on various themes during its entirety. There is the theme of evil, which is brought out by the evil actions of the clown killer, Pennywise and the theme of love shown by the 7 friends as they try to atone for the death of Georgie.

Some of the stars who star in ‘It’ are Jaeden Lieberher (Bill), Jeremy Taylor (Ben), Sophia Lillies (Beverly), Finn Wolkhard (Richie), Chosen Jacobs (Mike), Jack Grazer (Eddie), Wyatt Oleff (Stanley), Nicholas Hamilton (Henry), Jake Sim (Belch), Logan Thompson (Victor), Owen Teague (Patrick), Jackson Scott (Georgie) and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise.

It’ was released in the United States on September 8 and has grossed over $198 million worldwide. ‘It’ is rated ‘R’ and has an age restriction of 15.


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