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Night Of The ICONS

As we count down the days to such an anticipated event, we just can’t help but shine some light on the great artists who will be accompanying ICONiX SA into the night at the renown MT-Lounge this coming Saturday on the 23rd of September.


A familiar sound to the South African house music industry is Mash O. This artist is well known for his hit song, “The Village” from his debut album, “The Drum Herbalist”.    Mash O has also gone on to produce a number of great songs for South African household names such as Professor from Kalawa Jazmee, Mashabela the comedian and Spoek Mathambo alongside much more. This talented heavy drum versatile producer and Dj will also be seen performing at Night Of The ICONS.


Another popular Dj to show us his skill set will be Nelson Zwelakhe Khanyile, or better known by his stage name as Dj Nel. He is one of Tembisa’s own popular hip hop artists, so it’s expected that once he hit the stage the crowd will irrupt. Dj Nel recently hosted a trap party that attracted a huge number of people. Nel is extremely well known for his skills on the decks as he can be seen performing all over Johannesburg.


Thirdly is the respected Jeffypac, the name came from his remarkable resemblance to Tupac Shakur. Jeffypac is a well know Dj around Midrand and he has been in this industry for some time so you know you can expect a mind blowing performance from him. Jeffypac has also played a number of venues around Tembisa so he’s also a popular name going around. His latest performance was at Night Of The Villian that was held at Zone 6 in Soweto.


Siya Lwazi, or as he goes by, Dj Siya is another member part of the lineup that says with his passion for his music the crowd will experience beats like nothing before. A very passionate Dj indeed is Siya, and he has also been involved in many projects including being part of “ABO T.z”. Siya will also have an impact on the crowd as he grew up in Tembisa so playing at MT Lounge will be a memorable experience for him.


Last but not least is a Blue Monkey all-star, a very familiar name and face to all of Blue Monkey’s and ICONiX fans out there. D’joe is another artist to hit the stage with his smooth talent. I can go on and on about this phenomenal artist but I’ll leave you to his full article below.



1 comment on “Night Of The ICONS

  1. I cant wait for the show, I know ICONiX SA is gonna kill it


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