Wine and Dining at Silverstar

An evening to remember was held near beginning September. With invited guests arriving one by one, it wasn’t late before the hostess introduced us to the plans ahead and what to expect. This wasn’t your typical event at Silverstar, this was Wine Wednesday. The tables were incredibly decorated with the finest of things, it’s clear that when Silverstar does something, they do it to the fullest extent.

With all the guests busy socializing, it wasn’t long before the first bottles of wine could be seen making its way towards the tables being accompanied by the pre starter for the evening, a delicious Amuse Bouche.  We learned why each dish would have a different wine, the reason was that a wine compliments a certain taste that you experience when eating. With every bite, a range of flavors treats your taste butts and adding a sip of wine after every bite makes the whole flavor experience feel more alive.


The second item came out. A mini garden! This was such an amazing sight as the whole treat was full of flowers and greens, all edible. We enjoyed every bite of this mini garden, but as soon as it was done we got treated to a scrunches pallet cleanser. The cleanser was a Lemon Sorbet, and this was used to renew and refresh your taste butts to make sure you’re ready to taste all the aspects of the main course.


The main course was also brought to the table with yet another Nedenburg specialty. As we enjoyed the main course which was a seared medium rare sliced Sirloin, the sun started to retire for the evening. With the sun going down we all just had to take a moment and appreciate the romantic and relaxing vibe that could be enjoyed having dinner so close to the fountains. The atmosphere was phenomenal.


Our last item to savor was the desert. This meant that it was also our last wine to taste. With the sweet frozen mixed berry soufflé that was presented to us, we also had to, of course, drink something sweet. This time we could try and enjoy Nedenburgs late harvest white wine with our something sweet.

Enormous thanks to Complex Executive Sous Chef Ross and Complex Executive Head Chef Owen Lloyd for creating a combination of dishes to go perfectly with all the wines.


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