A tingly feeling from the toes, a sensation of belonging, a satisfying relaxing like meditation state. The magic if his fingers running through his mbira an ancient instrument that holds beautiful, soulful and mesmerizing notes channeled through him and owning the music, this is Kudzai Kazai.

Kudzai Kazai is a mbira maker and mbira player based in Zimbabwe who has been playing since the age of nine. His grandfather a talented mbira player himself passed down his knowledge and love for the traditional mbira music and instilled it into his grandson who now breaths life from the blacksmithing of the mbira to the playing of it producing an authentic, cultured sweet sound.


He has embraced this gift of creating this type of instrument and making music giving us joy through his art. Speaking to him over the past few weeks I have seen from his point of view what he tries to put across and educating people about cultural tradition and their roots and how we can use it in our day to day lives.

I stated to him that some people still think that Mbira music is outdated, primitive and it invites bad spirits. He responded by saying people need to be educated immensely and informed of the goodness it brings. When people hold biras it is to appease the ancestors so that our paths are enlightened, it is not praying to the departed but merely a celebration of a life that was.
By him playing the Mbira, Kudzai promotes the richness of the Zimbabwean culture and its values. As he plays some of the keys and variations he does not know where they come from and in that instance he believes the spirit guides him as they take their row by giving him those sweet melodies and amazing skills for him to come up with a different fusion of the mbira music.

Kudzai Kazai holds shows all around zimbabwe showcasing his talents, he is yet to spread his wings across the world for different people to experience his passion and wisdom of the Mbira music with the help of one of Zimbabwe,s highly recommended personal assistant Wadzanai Gumbo who is in the works of arranging a tour for Mr Kazai. People can get in touch with Kudzai through his Facebook page or through his direct email for the supply of Mbiras, rain-making ceremonies, Biras and thanks giving ceremonies just to mention a few.

Get the eyes of your spirit and heart opened by Kudzai Kazai, s music to experience a different feeling and a positive mindset to a magnificent world that is filled with so much beyond your wildest imagination. His love of the mbira music is magical, it comes from his veins, his heart, his soul and by spirit itself.



  1. Wadzanai Gumbo

    If you ever want to learn mbira get hold of this man


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