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ABC, Kamohelo Khanye

South African born artist Kamohelo Khanye is rising rapidly in the music industry and it’s certain that within the near future Kamohelo Khanye will be a name recognized by all.

Kamohelo Khanye, also know as ABC which stands for “Another Bad Creation” is showing us all why his talent is something to be taken seriously. This proudly born South African aspiring artist, songwriter, rapper, and performer was raised in Johannesburg but is originally from Katlehong in the east rand. ABC now resides in Midrand so if you near Midrand you’ll know by know about this rising star.


Kamohelo Khanye’s music can be defined as unique. His sound is something that I doubt you have heard before. An artist that can sing just as well as he can rap is what ABC is defined as.  ABC is also one of the few artists in the country that has the ability to make music in 4 different South African languages.

ABC has also worked in the music industry with well-known producers and artists like  Deejay Mondy, Goff, Giftee, Paiges, Uche International, Alie-Keys, SiyaShezi, Simmy and more. He recently dropped a video titled “Memories. He’s also currently studying music production under Soulcandi at Boston Media House.

Being a brand ambassador for Envo as well you can be certain that there is still much more to be heard from the artist, so don’t be surprised when Kamohelo Khany, ABC becomes the talk of the town near you.



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