Direct translation, the meaning of her name and living up to it. She is of a strong musical bloodline, raw talent ooze out of her effortlessly, calm and collective with a natural ease and a hunger of a burning fire she is.

Daughter of two amazing musicians that Zimbabwe has ever had, Andy Brown and Chiwoneso Maraire’s offspring in her own right as a creative artist, this is Chengeto Brown.


Having inherited her mother’s beauty and powerful mbira skills and her father’s strong rooted love of composing and performing, Chengeto Brown is her own liberated woman who is passionate about her art. She is an artist before anything else she tells me. I live by the things I put in my music. I believe in them, be it love, happiness or any other emotion. It makes up the eternity of myself, of an individual. Her music is birthed from the experience’s she has gone through, she believes that time is the best healer and music, to her is times best friend ( almost ). The story of an artist over time is always told through music as they grow. So her music tells her story.

Her music is diverse, not labeling it and placing it in a box, no particular genre hence she feels the world tends to decide for the artist. Her music is made depending on her current situation at that time, so one day it can be reggae the next hip-hop. She goes by the flow of her muse at that particular time. In her words,” I have been blessed with someone that pushes me to become a better me every day and to become the best version of myself which I am grateful for.


When on stage her aim is to make sure she tells her story in ways that can be understood broadly for the young ones, teens, and elders. She wants the person listening to her music to feel real feelings not just monotonous melodies, therefore she is blessed to have a platform to use because she believes music can change the world for the better or at least help pave a way as it has in the past.

Music is a powerful thing. It has the capacity to change emotion, mind, mentality its a beautiful thing that brings me serenity. Whatever you do no matter what it is, do it honestly, make sure it is what makes you happy. When you do what you love, what you truly love there is no possibility of failure. This I promise you”

A young beautiful woman in possession of an old soul. Such wisdom Chengeto Brown.



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