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Vaselinetjie, a South African original with Arno Greeff

We’ve seen Box Office movies from abroad that made us fall in love with films and a world of fiction. Now it’s time for us South Africans to stand high with pride as Vaselinetjie is leaving people breathless all over the country.

Vaselinetjie, a remarkable film based on Anoeschka Von Meck’s novel that tells the story of a young girl named Helena “Vaselinetjie” Bosman who is facing the struggle of finding her own identity in life. Having no real background she goes through most of her young life being a stranger to herself.

Blue Monkey had the opportunity to interview one of the leading roles, Texan Kirby who is portrayed by Arno Greeff. Right away we could see that Arno is such a delight to talk to and that he’s the total opposite as Texan, his character. This is clearly an indication of the talent that Arno possesses but we just had to know how did he manage to prepare and pull off the harsh, rough and tough Texan Kirby.

Arno said that for days on end he would get home and make diary entries as if he was Texan. With time going by Arno would become so familiar with Texan that he could change identity in an instant. He also shared with us that even though he’s not a fan of the aggression that Texan brings to the stage he still admires the intensity and determination of Texan Kirby.

But to see Arno Greeff in action you just have to visit Silverstar and watch Vaselinetjie. It’s a certainty that one way or the other you will relate to this film as we have all lost our own identity once in our lives. Meeting Arno Greeff in person at Silverstar before the movie was just one great treat for all who went to watch Vaselinetjie.


The message that we took from Vaselinetjie is that no matter where you started in life, nothing determines where you can end up. “It’s not where you came from, it’s where you’re going.”


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