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Weird F@M, taking over!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a group of two having such a huge impact on the music industry for up and comers. This group of two hip-hop artists, or as we all know them, Weird F@M have been showing us what Trap music is all about.

The duo consists of Luda and Steezy. Luda is the guy who brings that original African rhythm to the F@M where Steezy is the one adding that vibrant Urban flavor to the mix. Even with both brining something unique to the F@M, at the end of the day what matters is the great sound that they’re making. Their sound screams “we are one”.

With incredible past performances at places and events such as Durban July, Cantare, Skoobs, Platinum Lounge, and Hydro Lounge, it’s no doubt that these guys are heading to the top at a rapid speed. They have even made a track with Russian Bear titled IAMNEXTSESSIONS.

Luda and Steezy are currently working on their new EP which will consist of 7 tracks plus a bonus track from Gqom House feat Thembi Mhlongo. They’re planning to launch the EP in Durban at Maxy’s Lifestyle Club and a music video for the track “Ses’top” is also to be expected in the near future.


Don’t just watch Weird F@M climb the ladder to success, but follow them on social media and walk the journey with them.

FaceBook: Weird_fam

Instagram: werid_fam_official

Twitter: @weird_fam




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