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The one known as Giftee

He is known by his stage name Giftee, an aspiring artist, producer, and Dj. This one of a kind entertainer is making his mark everywhere he goes.

Real name Magnificent Gift Given Nkosi is only 23 years old and was born in the beautiful Mpumalanga. What makes Giftee’s career so exciting is all the artists and great talent that he’s been working with this far.  On the list of people he has worked with is ABC, Deejay Mondy, Goff, Clumsy, Paiges, Uche International, Gentle Slope, Killer A, Globe Trotter, Simmy and many more.



He is also a Co-Founder/Owner of a record label named VOODOO ART GANG RECORDS with his partner ABC and he’s also currently studying Digital Composer & Music Production under Soulcandi at Boston Media House College. It’s clear that Giftee doesn’t just has talent, but brains as well.

The big news that Giftee shares with us, is that he is busy working on his first debut project with the upcoming artist “ABC”. So expect to hear and see more of Giftee in the near future as this guy is going places far beyond the regular South African artist.

Follow Giftee on Instagram as well: GifteeLvme_SA

Book him now @ 071 525 1512

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