Michelle Grace, a beauty that matches her talent!

An artist able to entertain an audience from any genre. Michelle Grace, the singer with the ability to sing in three different languages, Afrikaans, English, and Italian.

This incredible young lady has had training with the Italian technique since the age of 12. That is, however, no surprise as Michelle even had her family in amazement when she discovered her musical gifts as a toddler. She used to participate in school concerts and entered multiple competitions.

It must have been great to be able to see Michelle go from singing at a school concert to the point in her career where she sings for big parliament events such as a private function where former DA leader Helen Zille was the guest of honor. Michelle Grace even recorded a song titled “Heavenly” for former America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho. This amazing hit was composed and produced by South Africa’s own Rudi Claase.

South African Clubhouse Community also had Michelle Grace performing in front of 5000 people as they celebrated their 10th anniversary. It’s certain that Michelle’s unique voice is taking her to great heights in her career, as it’s not every day that you’ll find someone blessed with such a raw and passionate “opera” ( Mezzo Soprano) voice such as Michelle’s.

Michelle shares with us that this coming year in 2018 we can expect a new single, new album and even a new music video from her. She says that this project has her excited as it’s going to be something “out of this world”. We can only wait and see what surprise awaits us.

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