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Migos are coming to show South Africa their Dab

It has officially been confirmed Migos will indeed be performing in Durban and Johannesburg on 20 and 21 October 2017!

Speculations that the announcement of US hip-hop group Migos’ performing in South Africa was fake, caused a stir on social media, when Mabala Noise posted promotional material of the concert, with pictures of everyone else but the lead act. This, in addition, to the ‘Sherlock Holmeses’ of Twitter and Facebook providing a screenshot of the rap group’s official tour dates schedule, which makes no reference to performances in South Africa, further fuelled the speculations that the concerts were in actual fact fake.


The rumors of foul play on the part of the promoters prompted fans who had bought their tickets as early as August to flood the group’s official social media pages with messages and tweets begging them to confirm whether they would be performing in the country or not. The frenzy of panic and worry has since resulted in the tour publicist for Migos, Melanie Ramjee and Mabala Noise issuing official statements confirming that the group will be in South Africa next weekend.

With the confusion resolved, Migos fans can look forward to dabbing along with the Kings of Trap in Durban at the Durban ICC on 20 October 2017 or at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg on 21 October 2017. So ‘cop’ your tickets now from TicketPro before it is too late!


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