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Runway model to Lawyer

The stereotype that models are just beauties with no brains is one to be stopped very soon. The first year BCom Law student Buyisukonwaba “Buyisa” Nobumba is a 19-year-old aspiring model who wants to promote being natural in models. She loves anything to do with sports, she loves clothes and shoes. She’s a “PK” Pastor’s Kid who dreams of having her own law firm and modeling studio.


She, however, wants to change to LLB, she chose law because she has a passion for law and for her law is a way of helping people, helping the voiceless and she’s doing it for justice because she feels criminals get away with everything. All she wants to do is change people’s perceptions on models and lawyers, she says lawyers don’t just lie, they only tell “holy lies.”

She describes herself as competent and committed which is why she wants to bring change every where she goes. She wants to change the typical model stereotype look; being a size two and always wearing weaves, she wants to promote a “black model” look, she wants to see more natural hair looks on runways. She is all for natural and that is why she recently cut her hair, so she grows an afro. She thinks she’s fit to be a model because she’s got the body and it’s natural, she doesn’t go to the gym or eats nutritiously.


She’s entered four beauty pageants, it started off as something for fun, she thought of it as a way to get rid of boredom but when she started winning she realised it was something she could do for a long time in her life. She recently went down the runway for Gene Design Studio by Gene Pillay, a designer who does evening, casual and modern wear.

When asked to sell herself she said “I have a driver’s license and a car so driving to places won’t be a problem.” If you want a model, here’s one with that’s focused and has no problems.

Buyi 20170927_213604

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