PADDY WATTS, The Triple threat

Triple threat, musician, DJ and promoter Paddington Watungwa is setting trends in the diaspora making musical waves across nations. His music taps into the imagination sculpting an original piece that presents itself in the form of viby catchy artistry. An artist who not only puts all his energy in his musical craft but also promotes other artists nationally and internationally.

Β Meg-Anne: Who is Paddy Watts as an artist and an individual?


Paddy Watts: Paddy Watts is an artist in general and by saying that I mean I have a broad understanding of arts so I fit in as a musician/ DJ /promoter and this is because I am not self-centered and hence I venture into Djing and promoting other talents other than mine alone. As an individual, I am Paddington Watungwa and quite a shy guy who loves his family, a father of two boys and married. I don’t like mixing my work and family, I separate the two, family time and work time.

Meg-Anne: How do you classify your genre?

Paddy Watts: I still like to consider it as urban groves as they call it back home in Zimbabwe but to the world, it is labeled as Afro-pop.

Meg-Anne: As an artist, how have you grown from the inception of your musical career?

Paddy Watts: I have grown more than I ever thought. I have always known that my weakness is wanting to achieve more and I am pleased to announce my project with Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi is a dream come true. I never thought I would share a mic and stage with him a person whom I grew up listening to his music now here I am on the same song with a living legend.

Meg-Anne: Being based here in the diaspora, how do you fans here in RSA versus the ones in Zimbabwe receive your music?

Paddy watts: My music is received well on both ends in Zimbabwe and in SouthAfrica. Being in a foreign country making music is not easy but I personally thank God because I meet a lot of fans requesting pictures and autographs which means a lot to me and proves that I am touching hearts.

Meg-Anne: Do you have any projects in the pipeline that we can look forward to?

Paddy Watts: I recently shot a video with Buffalo Souljah a Zimbabwean artist who has many channel O awards and Zimbabwe achievers awards. I also have a song that people can look forward to that I worked on with Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi on my next coming album due for release in December.

Meg-Anne: What does music mean to mean to you?

Paddy Watts: Music is life to me because it puts food on my table and I am who I am today because of it. I loved music from a tender age until to this very day and every day I wake up I want to do more!

Meg-Anne: As a promoter you are setting standards for other aspiring Zimbabweans. What can you offer them? What advice can you lay down for them?

Paddy Watts: Its not me alone promoting. The moment you work as a team everything goes flawless thanks to my team Shisaka Entertainment making it happen and the efforts they put to make sure we stay on the map. My advice would be no matter how big you are doing at the moment stay humble and let God lead the way for no one knows what tomorrow holds and do not forget to stay focused.

“. oh ohh oh ohhh ohh- uchandifunga ndayenda ” direct translation, “. you will think of me when I am gone “. A heart moving warm song that is both contagiously catchy and viby. His new song featuring Buffalo Souljah set to be released soon is on repeat in my home. Fans will love it and surely it will be on everyone’s mouths becoming an anthem amongst fans. Quite an ambitious and amazing artist this Paddy Watts is.



3 comments on “PADDY WATTS, The Triple threat

  1. Looking forward to the new project bless yu sir


  2. Lorrainne Lolo

    Beautiful Paddy, love your music, it sure is very inspiring and touches loves. Thank you


  3. Well done Paddy watts…


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