Deep, strong, powerful meditation like a voice that sets you in a trance-like state as he sends you on musical travels that capture the true essence of music that is healing, soothing transforming and entertaining. The flavor of his music is unique and refreshing from the calm sweet waters of his spirit.


Meg-Anne: HITONDO is quite an interesting name, What does it stand for?

Bright: It stands for Historical Instrumental Traditional Original Dominating Orchestra.

Meg-Anne: Who is Bright Shumba as an artist and an individual?

Bright: Bright Shumba is a multi-talented artist who plays the Mbira, keyboard, and guitar accompanied by a powerful voice. He is a loving husband and father of one, a down to earth simple and joyful person.

Meg-Anne: What genre best describes your music?

Bright: It is a different type of Mbira fusion which we call the Hitondo music.

Meg-Anne: Who chose who? Did the Mbira instrument chose you or did you chose the Mbira?

Bright: Three years ago I went to Pakare Paye Arts Centre where I was performing without playing any instrument. After the performance, I was approached by Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi who told me that he was impressed with the originality of my voice and told me I needed to learn an instrument which would boost my originality. As I slept that night I had a dream in which I was playing the mbira and then I knew there and then that it was the instrument I needed to play. I taught myself how to play from then on. So I can safely say that it was the Mbira that chose me.

Meg-Anne: The Mbira is such a powerful instrument quite spiritual one might say. Why take on this particular instrument?

Bright: The challenge of playing the instrument itself is what drove me to play it. Not everyone can master the Mbira. That and the fact that I am quite a traditional person and I am drawn to our culture and roots which I that feel are represented musically by the Mbira.

Meg-Anne: When you won Star Bright 2016, your dreams and aspirations that you had, have you lived up to them? Have they come true

Bright: Yes some of them have come true and others are yet to materialize.

Meg-Anne: How is your music received by the general public of Zimbabwe your people?

Bright: The reception by the public is tremendously positive. The unique sound we bring has managed to captivate large crowds and draw quite a following.

Meg-Anne: Are there any upcoming projects in the pipeline?

Bright: Yes we are currently working on our debut album! and DVD.

Meg-Anne: What messages does your music portray?

Bright: Most of our songs portray our history and culture as the people of Zimbabwe as well as the social issues affecting us on a day to day basis.

Meg-Anne: What would you like to leave as your legacy in the music industry?

Bright: I would like to be remembered as an artist who was immensely proud of his roots and heritage, who despite humble beginnings managed to work hard and put himself on the map and would like to inspire others to do the same.

Meg-Anne: Dr Oliver Mtukudzi as you have mentioned has given you advice and blessings for Hitondo, have you put to good use what he laid down for you?

Bright: Yes I am truly humbled and grateful to be mentored by such a great legend. Through his advice and guidance I am constantly growing and evolving as an artist. My music itself has seen great growth and improvement all thanks to his influence.

Meg-Anne: How has working with Sulumani Chimbetu a legend’s son taught you as an artist?

Bright: It has taught me to aim high and up my game. Sulu is an exceptional artist and I strive to be as good as he is. It has also taught me to work hard and nurture the talent within my son whom I would love to hand over the baton to one day.

Sounds of his music are impressive, very rich indeed and deep-rooted, pretty sure with the upcoming DVD we will be in for a beautiful treat. Wadzanai Ndlovu Gumbo his personal assistant will be working with him on his 2018 European tour for the rest of the world to experience his magical music. The great raw talent that he posses is bringing him recognition all over the country of Zimbabwe and soon dominating boarders and everywhere across the world. Let the music of Hitondo play on.




  1. sydney ndlovu

    M so glad for a great step and a shift which has taken place to Bright Shumba…we did our primary studies at the same school and he taught me playing marimba during my primary level…then at the secondary level around theyear 2012 he taught me playing a piano…and m glad of whom my lecturer is today…thumps up HITONDO


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