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80’s Rewind at Silverstar’s Barnyard

Let’s just agree that when it comes to music the 80’s are untouchable and downright unmatchable. Until the 30th of December 80’s Rewind is rocking at Silverstar’s Barnyard.

This spectacular show provides tribute songs that will stand the test of time. With a song list that has it all, you can’t wait to see what song comes on next. From Danger Zone to the classic Come on Eileen, 80’s Rewind is remarkable. To name more songs would be just a spoiler, I’ll rather leave you to find out for yourself what other treasures are included in the list.

But what I would say is the highlight of the entire performance is how the singers and other artists replicate the legends of the 80’s like Tina Turner and Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses. There are much more but like I said, attend the show at Silverstar’s Barnyard and experience it first hand.

Barnyard has always been the ideal place to spend an evening or a Sunday afternoon, and with the cast of 80’s rewind interacting with you throughout the entire performance, you will certainly be taken back to the days of leather tights to polished oversized blazers.

We at Blue Monkey Magazine would personally like to thank everyone part of 80’s Rewind for the opportunity to once again experience the era that will live on in our hearts forever.

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