HENRY TEATON new album release

With the start of November, we can already start expecting big things from the South African entertainment industry. One of the big things still to happen is Henry Teaton’s new album release.

Growing up in Northern Cape, this talented artist started to perform under his late grandfather’s name Henry Teaton. In the interview, Henry Teaton said something that really took us by heart, “I always knew what I’m going to become one day. It was more a question of how? When? And where? But to play my stories for everyone and to see how they can relate. That’s the moment where all the fans became family to me. ” This truly defines what love and passion Henry has for music and his adoring fans.

His career started back in 2011 when Henry was still in a school band called “Laaste Duplikaat”. CP van der Merwe was the guy who asked Henry to join the band and Henry also told us that CP was one of the biggest inspirations he had for pursuing his dream of music and to never give up.

What we admire from Henry is what he brings to the stage. Where most artists have onstage personas, Henry is completely himself. The guy you see on stage having fun and loving what he does, well that is Henry Teaton for you.

Walking the journey with Henry is his two producers, Leon Barnardt and Jc Le Roux. Henry is also currently working with Pieter Erasmus of Sessions Entertainment. Afribros, Marco Rademeyer that is the director of all my new music videos. And last but not least, Henry is also part of the well known MAD events and entertainment.

A while back Henry released a music video titled “Ek Raak Bang” and now as mentioned a brand new album is also on its way.

To find out more about Henry’s album release make sure to follow him on social media.

Facebook: Henry Teaton

Instagram: henry_teaton

YouTube: Henry Teaton

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