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Redefining Pan-Africanism with K.F. Malindi Jr. on CliffCentral

With an estimated 35 million listeners tuning into various radio stations online or otherwise it is clear that radio is still ‘a thing’ in South Africa. However, with such a wide audience to cater for there is a constant need for radio stations to keep their content fresh, unique and interesting. The show No Borders on South Africa’s online radio station is all of that and more.

Produced and presented by Zimbabwean born, Kesiwe Malindi Jr. aka K.F. Jr., No Borders offers a conversationally refreshing perspective into all things African. But, before delving into the brilliance of the show, it is necessary that the man behind the mic be formally and properly introduced.


A political scientist with a passion for human rights, K.F Jr. personifies the philosophy that “sometimes you find a dream and other times a dream finds you”. Never having envisioned himself taking his Pan-African activistic passions to air, the multi-talented radio personality found himself taking the risk of pitching a show that would offer an alternative narrative to the way African stories are told to Cliff Central’s founder Gareth Cliff. The leap of faith K.F. Jr took on himself obviously paid off as his gamble has birthed a show that is breaking the assumptions and misconceptions that the challenges Africans face are specific and isolated to their persons and countries. With a charm, passion, and energy that is contagious, Malindi has not only creatively crafted a versatile, enlightening and one may be bold enough to add, revolutionary show but has evidently proved that the advancement of Pan-Africanism as an intellectual movement need not be boxed into academically inclined lectures and boring suit and tie symposiums. Instead, K.F. Jr. drives the doctrine of Pan-Africanism and flawlessly strips away the artificial borders that divide the African continent and separate its people, through his cleverly named show, No Borders.

The show, which, covers a wide range of topics related to everything from culture, the arts, music, current affairs, and more controversial and politically charged issues that are prevalent in and around Africa is nothing short of amazing! No Borders and its presenter do not simply offer uncensored, in-depth and intellectually witty conversations that tell African stories with an African voice but also provides a platform where Africans can educate, celebrate and share their brilliance, strife and innovations with each and the world. The impactful and entertaining product that has been born out of Malindi’s genius of combining activism and entertainment, has of course not gone unnoticed. This unique combination has thus resulted in No Borders becoming the first radio show to air the MTV Shuga: Down South radio drama series.


A thousand words could be used to describe the brilliance of No Borders and its presenter. However, if one word had to be chosen, PHENOMENAL would be it. But you do not have to take my word for it, instead you simply have to tune into every Friday at 13.00 to be a part of the original and entertaining conversations K.F. Jr has with his weekly guests to fully comprehend the genius of the show and of course its producer and presenter – Mr K.F. Malindi Jr!

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