Right at the core of Africa reigns a powerful multi-talented award winning dreadlocked rasta who rightfully sits on his throne that has his name engraved with treasures in the form of numerous awards on it. This is the king of African Dancehall Buffalo Souljah.

He is of pure musical bloodline possessing a natural God-given talent that runs through his veins inheriting the gift of creating music from his father a saxophone player and jazz artist who passed on his baton to this well spiritually grounded man.

Speaking to this musically strong celebrity you would never guess the humility and praise he has towards his fans and his creator God. His soul is crystal clear as he bares it in praise to Jah, therefore, owning his name Buffalo Souljah.



Meg-Anne: Who is Buffalo Souljah as an individual and an artist?

Buffalo Souljah: I am just me Thabani Ndlovu and as an artist, I am a trendsetter, creative and versatile.

Meg-Anne: Listening to some of your music it has ragga/ reggae, soul feel to it, how do you classify your genre?

Buffalo Souljah: Dancehall, hence the title Reigning king of African dancehall.

Meg-Anne: What does music mean to you?

Buffalo Souljah: Music to me is a language that communicates to people deep down in their soul for me being able to be a communicator of the message and meaning it holds makes me want to touch more and more people at that level.

Meg-Anne: How do you come up with your songs? Do you experience them personally or perhaps from society itself?

Buffalo Souljah: A lot of different factors influence the music and yes some through personal experience and at times society gives you something to talk about.

Meg-Anne: Music is said to be a journey by some, Where is music leading you?

Buffalo Souljah: Anywhere God and the talent he gave me can take me before my expiry date on earth is due.

Meg-Anne: Being based here in South Africa how is your music is received by the masses?

Buffalo Souljah: I think people at times fail to understand me because am a trendsetter but the masses love me. I have always noticed that the youth are the first to jump on the trend of my music showing that the forward-thinking youths are the future of this generation and the elderly love my melodies and vocal progressions


Meg-Anne: What legacy would you like to leave in the music industry in your country of Zimbabwe and on the world stage at large?

Buffalo Souljah: I want to be known as one of the artists that made a positive impact in people’s lives and have generation after generation sing my music long after I am gone and be remembered as one of the worlds best iconic dancehall artists of all time.

Meg-Anne: Do you have any upcoming projects in your musical kitchen that is in store for us? A single, an album?


Buffalo Souljah: Yes we never stop cooking and shooting so soon and very soon you will see what else is in store for you all out there.

Meg-Anne: You sound very passionate about your music, do you feel like you make an impact on people’s lives through your music?

Buffalo Souljah: I love music, I eat, sleep, drink and think music and I think it does make an impact on people both the youths and adults of today.


Meg-Anne: If you were to collaborate with any artist other than the ones you have worked with who would it be and why?

Buffalo Souljah: Let this be for the fans, let them decide and I will work on making it happen as per request.

Meg-Anne: Buffalo Souljah ( soldier ) What brought about the birthing of your stage name?

Buffalo Souljah: Buffalo like the song Buffalo soldier by Bob Marley felt that I was the soldier appointed to run the dancehall race in Africa and Souljah meaning ( My Soul to Jah ).

Having being nominated to the Zimdancehall Awards 2017 under the category Best  Zimdancehall diaspora and Best Zimdancehall collaboration Buffalo Souljah and Winky D for the song Rugare he is yet again making musical waves. Be sure to VOTE, VOTE and  VOTE for the King of African Dancehall Buffalo Souljah. One love.


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