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Lu makes a plan

In every group of friends there is that one who will always make a plan when a problem comes up with ideas  in his group of friends, Ayanda Lungani Khanyile also known as Lu Maakaplan is the go-to person for ideas. The 21-year-old is from eMandeni, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Maakaplan is currently residing in Pretoria to further his rapping career.

Lu Maakaplan means Lungani make a plan, the name goes well with the lifestyle he lives which is the life of hustling and a hustler always makes plans to make the hustle work. His friends came up with the name, he always had ideas on how to approach a song and the people around him would always say “dawg that’s a good plan” and that’s how the name came about. When asked what came first between writing and rapping he said, “loving the hip-pop came first,” he then became a writer when he was doing his grade 10 and the feedback that he got from his rhymes led him to be a rapper because he could see that people would enjoy his music. He then started recording in 2014.


Lu comes from a family of musicians, his family had a gospel choir and that is where his love for music came from. What motivated him a lot and made him happy was that his parents accepted his music which was unusual because parents usually think hip pop is for drug addicts, so his family’s support pushed him to do bigger and better. What makes Lu a real hustler is that he sells himself if there’s an event he goes to the event organizer or owner of the party, he doesn’t wait for people to come to him and when he gets events he performs his heart out.

He doesn’t think he’s made it to the level he wants to reach yet. The United Kingdom is where he wants to go because seeing a different type of people embracing your language and messages without knowing the meaning and still jam to it is amazing. For that reason, he uses Zulu in most his songs. He mixes three genres to come up with up his music namely: Digital Maskandi, Rap, and European Time Signature. We will call it “mixit up.” Lu wants to go the UK, speak his slang and sell mixit up and when he’s there he feels he would have made it in life.


4 comments on “Lu makes a plan

  1. Gumede Sethabile

    You go boi and do your thing, you have ma supports 110% love you to the moon and back🙌☺☺☺☺


  2. LU MAKES A PLAN…I know that Nig* his from my street his cool, he supports others he supports me, Lu is making a plan definitely!!!


  3. Waaaaah lunch


  4. keep the dream alive bro…hustle until the death of you……


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