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There are only a few events and companies that take the time to exhibit and connect different art forms together to build and help enable innovative future projects between diverse art forms. Big Night Out as well as Jabza Music have taken the initiative to help artists from all over Johannesburg, to help unite the fine art and entertainment worlds together before an audience of potential followers. The Bridge is making conversations abd conceptualizing between the artists and their future partners, producers, publishers and listeners the order of the day at the new establishment SoMa, in the art hub of Maboneg.

“The Bridge is an event that aims to showcase an array of arts in one collaborative space. This art ranges from exhibition art in the form of photography, illustrations, poetry, installations as well as performance art such as poetry, soul, jazz and hip hop.”

This two-day event will be exposing the music market to fresh and upcoming musicians varying from different genres such as hip hop, R&B and Afro pop but also new genres such as VillenHop and Poetic hip hop. It is held at the new art and entertainment bar which is run by an enthusiastic team that also possess the passion for something new and fresh in the art industry. This strong partnership is focused on giving the young and upcoming a platform to build the bridge towards their ambitions.

Jabza Music opens its doors to artists its partnered up with to the corners of Maboneg believing in supporting freshly brewed South African music, with the high demand from the public. With different international artist such as French Montana, Wale, Jidenna and the greats like Drake and Major Lazor experimenting and collaborating with the African sounds, it indicates a shift in the industry towards the ‘African artist’ It’s been known that we are the rhythm and rhyme creatives of the world, so why not explore all the musical possibilities Africans can offer in this contemporary era we’re in.

The anticipated excitement for this event welcomes any art or music lover to come out not just to Maboneg but to an event that shakes the grounds of “conventional” and creates connections to change the dimension of art and its relation to the audience with an African flare.


Be sure to check out all social media pages of the artists headlining for exclusive behind the scenes footage and interview links.


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