Hanna Boss releases new music video!

Hanna Boss released her single, Verf Jouself, during October 2017 and it can already be heard on radio stations nationwide.  This brand new hit and her upcoming album (release February 2018) is set to take the country by storm! Verf Jouself is a modern Afrikaans Pop Song, with inspiring lyrics and a hint of classical music that was added to give it a more sophisticated sound. The single not only resonate with audiences of all ages, but the catchy tune also invites them to sing along.

The music video for Verf Jouself was filmed in a dark studio. Colour and light play an important part in the video. We also made use of ballet dancers to complement the classical instruments that were used in the song. I found it quite challenging to move with them,” she shares.

The artist still has a lot of dreams for the future and would love to work with Corlea Botha someday. When she’s not singing, she enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, cycling and spending time with friends. “In five years, I see myself as an established musician, with a child or two, or three or four! I am very excited about adding my voice, sound and stories to the South African Music Industry.”

HANNA BOSS has managed to conquer the hearts of many Afrikaans music enthusiasts over the past few months and there is no doubt that her bubbly personality, unique approach and captivating voice will open many doors for her career in the future.




Twitter: @Hannabosss

Instagram: @hannaboss



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