Frasisca, the one of a kind

Don’t be fooled by her beauty, Fransisca is more than just a pretty face, she is also an incredible artist with a voice that’s hard to match.


The Johannesburg born artist is also part of MAD Entertainment’s extraordinary roster, so it won’t be a surprise if you’ve seen her at shows and events near you. Fransisca’s career has even taken her to Nevada, Reno where she performed two of her hit singles at the Mrs Universal Pageant. The two songs she performed was ‘Kyk waar is ons nou’ and  ‘Vasgevang in die oggend son.’


In 2017 Fransisca was also the runner-up in the Angel Music Productions singer-songwriter competition with her song “To all the laboured hearts.” It’s clear that this young lady is heading for something big. An indication of what’s still to come is the release of Fransisca’s new album in 2018 alongside performing for her adoring fans.

Since the age of 5 Fransisca has had a passion for music and it’s no doubt that within the near future Fransisca will be a recognized name across multiple continents. We look forward to seeing what she has planned for her ever-growing career.


Facebook: Fransisca Liebenberg

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