Dream Chaser Music


“Mwari ndipei murume, murume wangu ndega.” An outcry to God in a form of a prayer request within a song asking for her own husband worthy of her.

Expressing her emotions and allowing herself to be vulnerable in her songs. One can vividly see the hunger she possesses of creating music that is both informative and entertaining. Ammi is a young upcoming Mbira princess of this era starting a new revolution of contemporary music with its original Mbira roots and a twist of modern class to it.

Meg-Anne: What motivated you to become a musician?

Ammi: I was born a musician and what inspired me most is the plight of empowering women, I saw that I can pass my message through music.

Meg-Anne: What drove you to play the traditional Mbira instrument?

Ammi: I dreamt playing it and I had to start playing it. It is awkward but the sound it produces soothes my soul and the feeling brings me peace.

Meg-Anne: What does music mean to you?

Ammi: It means the world because everyone needs music whether you are happy, sorrowful or in love.

Meg-Anne: As a woman of this generation what contribution would you want to give to the music industry particularly in your home country of Zimbabwe?

Ammi: I want to be the face of female musicians in Zimbabwe thou it is tough I am soldiering on.

Meg-Anne: You sound like a very soulful being and passionate about your art. Do you feel like you reach your fans right to the core of their souls with your music?

Ammi: I always dosing the very best of me and most of the times my fans show their appreciation whilst I am on stage by handing me money and they always want to keep in touch with me.

Meg-Anne: Have you taken your music across borders and how is it being received?

Ammi: Not as of yet. I use social media platforms to market myself and so excited to have Wadzanai Ndlovu giving me a push in the right direction by being my personal assistant and surely the pages will start turning.

Meg-Anne: How do you classify your genre?

Ammi : Afro-fusion traditional and jazz.

Meg-Anne: If you were to collaborate with a local artist and an international one , which one would you want to work with and why?

Ammi : Locally I would say Jah Prayzah because our Mbira instruments correspond well and he is major talented. International it will have to be Miss Nicky minaj because ndoda kudzidziswa kutamba ( I want her to teach me to dance )lol !! She is an incredible woman.

Meg-Anne: Do you think radio stations are doing their bit in promoting upcoming artists in Zimbabwe.

Ammi: Certainly not. They only promote a certain number of artists. They should also put a platform for newer artists so they can be recognised as well.

Meg-Anne: The saying you live by?

Ammi: I solely believe that hard work and perseverance pays # hapana chinouya ugere.





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