Ana Eleven, The Queen

An aspiring independent artist with more talent than one could expect.

The Johannesburg based Ana Eleven, also known as The Queen, is an aspiring independent artist.

Ana is one individual that can best attest to the fact that time is not a factor when it comes to discovering one’s untapped talent(s). She, herself, has started rapping and writing lyrics in 2015, albeit, it’s hard not to doubt that she has many years of experience in the music industry.

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Ana’s singles include: The Queen, Do better which is playlisted on Venrap radio and YCR FM ( where it made a debut on the charts as number #24 on the Burning Top 40) soundcloud.comqueeneleven and Rubber Band which is featured on #UnderdogDay race by Slikouron Life and it’s currently playlisted on Venrap Radio.

Each of Ana Eleven’s singles is a bold statement, not only to the local music scene but the entire entertainment industry. She worked with her producer Leo Music on the singles. The two (Ana and Leo) met in 2016 and Ana started recording from that point.

Ana has a remarkable range of talents, she’s a fashion designer, entertainment promoter and of course a rapper. Furthermore, she holds a degree that one could least expect from an entertainer, The Queen studied Bsc in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics.

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Follow The Queen on social media:

Facebook: Queen Ana Eleven



1 comment on “Ana Eleven, The Queen

  1. One day at a time…bigger heights, great movements and ambition.grow bigger


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